KARBONIUS COMPOSITES has been dedicated, since 2011, to the design, development and manufacture of different components in carbon fiber, being its main fans of the motor world and international vehicle customization companies.
All our products are manufactured in 100% prepreg carbon fiber and autoclaved, which gives them greater stability, both thermal and structural, by highly qualified personnel and under exhaustive quality controls, in our facilities in A Coruña.
Our experience in the manufacture of Composites and hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world are the quality brands of a company whose objective is customer satisfaction through an exceptional product.

  • KARBONIUS COMPOSITES assumes the following commitments:
  • Customer satisfaction. Contemplating customer needs and proposing solutions that add value. In addition to achieving a relationship of trust, and personalized service.
  • General quality. Basic premise for the development of the company’s activities: quality of management and search for efficiency, organizational quality and our facilities, and technical-documentary quality. Oriented to enable the positioning and growth in both national and international markets, as a reliable and benchmark company in the sector, enhancing the professionalism and prestige at the global level of the company.
  • Human team. Personnel with specific training and experience, aware of the importance of the products we manufacture as presentation and guarantee of our company.
  • Continuous improvement of the system, through the planning and definition of objectives and goals, along with management indicators, and a periodic review of them.
  • Compliance with requirements. Based on compliance with applicable legislation associated with the sector, and other requirements that may be established by the company.
  • Active participation must be a dynamic element of our best “know-how” and “know-how”. For this it is important that we contribute, each and every one of us, our ideas and suggestions aimed at Continuous Improvement.


KARBONIUS COMPOSITES, has a quality management system in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

To carry out the assessment of our suppliers, we establish the following criteria according to the following typology:

• Carbon coil supplier:
o Nonconforming material.
o Availability of stock.
o Supply within the indicated period.

• Supplier of other material:
o Availability of stock.
o Supply within the indicated period.

• Work equipment supplier:
o Provision of legal documentation on the equipment.
 Declaration of conformity and CE marking.
 Good equipment conditions.

• Subcontracting work.
o Compliance with deadlines.
o Absence of incidents during work provision
o Absence of incidents related to the final product.
o Provision and delivery of legal documentation in due time. Default:
 Warranty
 Essays.